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Welcome to our Online Payment Area
Welcome to our Online Payment Area
Welcome to our Online Payment Area
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Welcome to Dane Court Grammar School's WisePay site. We hope that you will find it useful and convenient to use.
You will initially be able to use it to pay for school trips and to top up your child(ren)'s school meal account in order to purchase from the school cafeteria, although in the future we hope to use it to sell tickets for school productions and to buy sweatshirts, revision guides etc. There is a cost to the school per transaction so we would ask that when you top up your school meal account you do so in as large an amount as you can.
For all new trips you will see how much the trip costs and if this is a large amount you may, if you prefer, pay in smaller instalments. The dates for these instalments will usually be set by the trip organiser in line with when the school has to make payments. Just simply overwrite in the amount box with the figure that you are paying. You will then be able to see a history of what you have paid and what you still owe. Even if you send cash or cheques into school, these amounts will still be entered by us into your WisePay account, so you will still see a payment history.
For trips that have been open for some time, but have not yet taken place, you will see a brought forward figure in your account which will be the amount that you have paid to date. If you disagree with this figure please contact us asap. You can then make additional payments to that trip.
Please note that you will only see trips that your child is eligible to take part in. We are hoping that in this way you will be kept informed of events without having to rely on letters home!
If you go in to the Dinner Money section you will see how much is on the student's account. You will also be able to see a purchase history as well as a history of what has been credited to the account -even if the account has been credited via the cash loaders in school or by cheque. If your child contacts you to say that they don't have enough credit on their account then you will be able to top up online and the account will be credited within 30 minutes, provided there isn't a problem with the internet.
This is an exciting development for us and we hope that you will find it a convenient and safe way to send money into school. Like all new systems it will take a while for us to get used to it so please bear with us.
The School Finance Team