Loreto College - Physics - Physics in Action - 30th November 2017
Welcome to our Online Payment Area
Welcome to our Online Payment Area
Welcome to our Online Payment Area
Physics - Physics in Action - 30th November 2017
Physics - Physics in Action - 30th November 2017
Physics - Physics in Action - 30th November 2017
Physics in Action - Salford University

Thursday 30th November 2017

11am to 4pm

A limitless world awaits...
Five sessions of phenomenal physics will be brought to you by the brightest lights in the field in autumn 2017. Join us for a day full of inspiration, challenge and engagement. A special session on examination success will provide students with the tools to excel.

Measuring temperature with sound Michael de Podesta, National Physical Laboratory
Michael will describe his work on the most accurate thermometer ever made ' that measures the average speed of molecular motion using sound waves. And then live on stage we will measure the temperature using sound waves: what could possibly go wrong?

How to build a particle accelerator Suzie Sheehy, University of Oxford
Suzie will take us on a journey through the atom smashing world of particle accelerators. With live demonstrations, explore the physics and applications of these incredible machines, from treating cancer, to uncovering the secrets of the Universe.

Electrifying the voice Trevor Cox, University of Salford
How does the voice work and how has it been changed by technology? Drawing on examples from opera to hip-hop, I will show how physics, psychology and neuroscience can help explain diverse singing styles.

The weird world of quantum physics Michael Brooks, Author and broadcaster
Particles that exist in two places at once, spooky telepathic connections, a cat that's both dead and alive... it sounds like fiction. But the strange sphere of quantum physics is very real - and is even spooking the spooks at GCHQ...

A picture is worth a thousand words: My life in Medical Imaging Heather Williams, University of Manchester
Senior Medical Physicist Dr Heather Williams will give us a 'behind the scenes' view of what these scientists get up to, with a particular focus on her own work on Nuclear Medicine imaging.

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